5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Xiaomi

5 reasons why You should buy Xiaomi -Hi HPI lovers, from the events of Posel brands Nokia collapsed, so we know how much of China's mobile phone industry is capable of doing a good imitation so capable of presenting a cheaper phones on the market. But the cheap phones also affect on quality of yesteryear.

Cheap low quality mobile phone image that still have an impact on mobile smart phone-the present China-made later. Dozens of Chinese producers inevitably attempt to dispel this image by doing enough promotion. Some of them even have to change the characteristic of the Chinese stuck to his name.

But three in recent years, the telecommunications market was shocked by the presence of Xiaomi. Chinese products this one as if menerabas image attached to it. Together with Huawei, they continue to wear the silly name of China. Xiaomi read Shao-mi means small rice in Chinese. And of course the most fun is they still provide a low price.

Therefore, Xiaomi can be consideration for smart phones that must be purchased. To support this, here are a few reasons that I can tell. Oh yes, this article is not a sponsored post, Yes.

1. Cheap

Promotion of Xiaomi circulated by word of mouth, maximize official site, social media, and of course the community Mi Fans.

2. Quality is maintained

Cheap prices of mobile phones not made him lose turns Xiaomi quality. Because the low price offered Xiaomi has been missed in the first point above. Xiaomi retains the same Snapdragon with other mobile phones, even when he's not a SoC U.S.-made, and the price is cheaper, Xiaomi will lose the price again.

3. More flexible Software

Ever find applications that cannot be removed in the new phone purchased? Well, in many applications indeed Xiaomi pre-installed, but everything can be dikostumisasi. This is all thanks to the existence of the Android OS developed MIUMI Xiaomi. This OS is very flexible, and lighter than one Android OS version.

4. The Root without damaging the warranty

Yes maybe Xiaomi is the only manufacturer that allows the device in-root and guarantee not lost. The origin of the Android-root in it while maintaining his MIUMI. This has the goal of keeping fishing more developers to develop application along with MIUI.

5. Better Camera

The camera belonged to Xiaomi can pitted with belonging to other phones that cost the same, and even mega-pikselnya the same. Back again on the question of price and quality that's been reviewed in the first and second points.

Hence, what must be Xiaomi phones you buy? Which actually, because everything is still within one manufacturer. It's just that the consideration for the purchase of a smartphone, there will always be the same i.e. don't be tempted to promotion, recognize its specifications, and most importantly the amount of money in the wallet.

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